Thursday, October 25, 2012

Drawing Instruction

This is a drawing that is produced from a non-subjective set of instructions, developed by the artist - again playing with notions of mass-production in art. 

My concept was an acrylic skin, presented as an animal hide.  The result was more plastic looking, but the transparency and mystery of it worked very well.  My first tests were very garish and resembled deli meats.

Here are the final ones:

Here are the instructions:
Apply masking tape to an 18”x24” glass pane, forming a ½” approximate border.
Apply three even thin layers of Acrylic medium (Liquitex Pouring works well),
Blow dry between layers.
In a cup prepare a 5oz mixture of medium and paint, 8:1.  Mix well. 
Starting off the surface, slowly pour horizontally right to left along the center of the glass. 
Go back and forth with the paint, forming a 24” stripe. 
(Some white space between pouring is acceptable.)
Tilt the glass pane (roughly) 30 degrees toward you, hold for 10 seconds.
Tilt the glass pane 30 degrees away from you, hold for 10 seconds.
Using a spray mister, spray water along the center of the glass (the initial stripe of paint) – the spraying should occur every other inch on the glass. 
Repeat the tilting process.
Let dry, and
Peel slowly.

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