Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prints for Sale !

<<<>This is the latest generation of my Art Prints, hand silkscreened on 12" x 18" 50 lb. Masterprint Paper. Shoot me an email and 5 bucks, you can choose any color scheme for the painted backround and silkscreen ink. Seriously, any color you can think of.

A few blogs earlier I elaborated on the process, but the experimentation has only begun. Proceeds from this print will fuel future printmaking endeavors, keeping them unique and affordable. Each edition is signed, dated, and numbered. Number one is on canvas and will be hanging at the Aurora Gallery soon, but number 2 through 5 so far are still available, as I think I'm only making 20. When I feel like it's time, or if I'm bored, the stencil will be scrubbed and the designs destroyed. (brutally...) But if it does catch on a little bit, there will be many more to come folks. Tell you're friends about it!