Thursday, March 29, 2012

Art School

I have been accepted into the three schools I applied to this year: the Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and the School of Visual Arts.

Shortly I will be reviewing finances and making the desicion.  Now is the perfect time for a quick thanks to:

My parents, extended family - you're all legends,

people at school - Laurie Atchue, who I've worked with for four years now, Mrs. Mac, Mr. Robert and HODW, Mr. Fay, ( any sort of Humanities teacher, bearded or otherwise), Mr Whalen, Mrs. Whalen, Mrs. Maloney, the Assistant Principals - mostly for letting me wear my hat(s) all the time, Guidance Councilor Pulda,  the janitors - Bob and Jon, who keep the freezing cold water running in the art room.  Doherty's retro furnishings - I can't tell what is intentional anymore - WPS in general.
All of my friends. 
Tim Hagopian and some of my earliest supporters - Joe, Tuck, Bruce, - all of you
Jeffrey Gustafson, the Needles, the Duffies, the Webbs, - (the bizarro films we make / have made) 
the DMHS Class of 2012 (and several characters from the class of 2011) - especially the kids who took AP Studio Art and went for the ride.  Those who have big dreams/plans for themselves, old friends in general, Bruce and Linda Meservey,
The folks at the Worcester Art Museum! ...with an emphasis on the Education Department:  Ruth, Elaine, Christopher, Jillian, Honee, Alex, Cory (John at the front desk!) and many more.  All the other T.As including Raphael who is a notch above us still.
My long time mentors Andy Fish, Jamie Buckmaster, Veronica Fish, as well as Cindy Woerhle, (Pecha Kucha) Jen Swan, Haru Shiga.  Jacob Berendes, the HBML and FYC crews - whose culture/garbage will always fill a special place in my heart. 

Essentially all of the wicked crazy people who populate(d) Worcester and keep it interesting here. stART people, Kathleen Ivanowski (who helped land us a potent summer art show - more info soon), Sue Champeny, Todd Rawley, Lennie Peterson, Eamon Gillen, Helen Beaumont and the Arts Council people, any working artist/creative who gets it done in Wormtown - Scott Boilard, Derek Ring, Jon Hansen, and all the tattoo artists, Antonio Fonseca!, Tom Grady, Brian Goslow, countless others. 
James McGovern, Worcester Magazine, Charter Tv3, Local Access, T&G, the Pulse Magazine,
Jan Seymour and ArtsWorcester, (Out of the) Dark World, Secret Society, the late Space 242, random folk out in Hollywood,
the Live art sessions at the Worcester Palladium and Cirque du Noir, the Firehouse, Distant Castle, CC Lowell,
Everyone at Maurys Kung Fu Academy Worcester
 - "Ride the Lightning! Yes, of course!!!" 
Massart and Risd folk,
The poets at the youth Slam and the Sunday night slams, you might remember my Bukowski recital a while ago - I know I still do,

and You.

I know I missed tons - I'll touch it up later.  Regards,     

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