Thursday, June 2, 2011


I always liked the beginning of an art piece more than any other stage - the early construction and execution.  I'll show you the production of the Plastic Monsters from this winter.

I've wanted to release my own resin/designer toy for a while now, the challenge of the project was prototyping for me.  The silicone mold-making and subsequent plastic-casting went smoothly.  My original was a combination of sculpted/carved air-dry and polymer clay, finished in urethane.

I'll be developing the next run of toys soon, and perhaps then I'll detail a How-To post, consisting of both imperative commands and suggestions/tips on how to bring your toy-world dreams into reality.

Until then, here is a smattering of process shots:

I still have a number of toys left over - these are the first ones, mind you!  $20 - Cast resin, hand painted and finished.                                                         

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