Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lighting the Community - Public Art Project

I'm one of five artists commissioned to paint these giant fiberglass sculptures! I only have one week to create something to the effect of my above sketch - contemplating Worcester past and present, and hopefully conjuring a sustainable future. My sketch is pretty loose, but I made a point of incorporating some Worcester notables such as printer Isaiha Thomas and industrialist George Crompton. The piece will also feature some earthy textures, unspoken crowds, hilly vistas, and familiar 3-deckers. (The usual.)
More soon!
Yesterday was the big kickoff event for the CFL Light Bulb campaign. City officials, representatives, and Sidewalk Sam spoke to the crowd that formed at Worcester Common. There's info in todays paper, and some early coverage in Worcester Magazine.
The City of Worcester expressed enthusiasm for green-initiatives.
Congratulations to the four other artists: Lennie Peterson, Todd Rawley, Sue Champeny, and Eamon Gillen. We had "less than a week, so we had to hustle and make it happen."
My piece can be seen at the Youth Center - 326 Chandler St., Worcester MA.


Susan Champeny, Artist said...

Thank you for the great idea! Since I am one of the other 5 artists, I have put my sketch up on my blog. Look for it at I will try to take photos of what I've done each day and post it.

Have fun painting!

Anonymous said...

Hey! After hearing about your art from Andy and Veronica I decided to check it out; it's awesome that you've done such a variety of medias, I love your style for faces like in Circus Freaks!
Anyway, you're crazy talented