Friday, April 2, 2010

Tape Man the Third

IN PROGRESS, the diabolical construction of Tape Man the Third.
Tape Man is a local phenomenon that got started a few summers ago, and the mannequins have since spread. (We drew inspiration from tape-cast artist Mark Jenkins.) I've only caught glimpses of the local spinoffs, although competition drives Tape Man further into the realm of installation art. Tape Man the 3rd (with the help of model Alicia) will be built from three layers of 2.2 mm packing tape, with colored duct tape accents. The life-like plastic cast will be stuffed, limb by limnb, with shredded paper.
Traditionally, Tape Man uses urbanity as a stage - wearing clothes, drawing crowds and exploiting art. This Tape Man will take on a new role as an indoorsman, seated and trapped by his own silence.
I only have a small window of time to assemble Tape Man at school each day; rumor has it that he will debut at Night of the Arts.
Today I offer you snapshots of the newly casted torso and arms. Stay tuned for the unveiling of Tape Man No.3, and witness life through the eyes of a packing tape assemblage.

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Tina Z said...

I have a bunch of tape people in my garage, should yours get lonely!