Monday, March 15, 2010

Skull Stickers

It seems like every time I look down, there's a skull printed or stitched onto my clothes.
This is part of a short-lived sticker campaign I started late last March, which I'm rekindling with a large art piece.
One of the issues I initially encountered was WEAK ADHESIVE. The stickers would disapear from the hands of a passerby or even a slight breeze. (It is March after all.)
The process involves hand stenciling mixed, bright colors onto sticker paper. (Spray paint works well.) After mass-producing the skull shapes, I silkscreen the skull in black as a second layer. They're then cut and distributed.
Skulls are a good motif, they represent rebirth in Mexico and death every where else.

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Short Fuse Comics said...

These are sweet Keenan I really like the design.