Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spider Gates

Quaker Cemetery is a private cemetery in Leicester, Massachusetts. Located near Worcester Regional Airport, the cemetery is known as Spider Gates Cemetery after its wrought iron gates' spider-like motif. Some highlights include leaves rustling without wind, scandalism, and portals into the netherworld.

Rumors are as follows: there is a raised area surrounded by trees called the Altar. Satanists have permission to use it. There are runes etched in the nearby rock walls. There is a rectangular patch of thick, soft moss; the place where grass doesn't grow. A strange white substance oozes from the ground. There have been a number of confirmed hangings and killings.

So without hesitation, me and seven others took the 15 minute car ride and soon found ourselves hiking through a dirt path leading to the cemetery. There are two cast iron gates that provide the entrance to the grounds. One is original, one is a copy. This is apparent as one opened quietly and with ease, while the other creaked loudly. Despite the complete darkness, we found the place where grass doesn't grow, Kettle Brook, the hanging tree, and the very eerie raised altar. The mood was certainly there. After we were satisfied, we gathered some wood from the grounds and made a fire back home.

Anyway, as I sit here, recollecting last nights details, I can tell you that Spider Gates isn't an evil place. Rather, a site of interest in a forested setting. Don't worry though; we'll be back.

***Also, it turns out, none of my photos from the night came out properly. However, there was a night vision video made. I plan on watching it tomorrow.***

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