Saturday, May 30, 2009

Journeys: Stops Along the Way...

ArtsWorcester's Aurora Gallery's (660 Main St., Worcester MA) next exhibition is (you guessed it) Journeys: Stops Along the Way. Commemorating their 30 year anniversary, the assignment was to submit 1 piece from your early career, and one piece done recently. Since I'm in the midst of my "early career", I'm sending in a crayon drawing from 2nd grade and something from my new cache of art. After a successful Biennial event, I think this show is worth checking out: the crayon rendering is very symbolic. And the new piece, silkscreen and acrylic on canvas, offers a taste of some of my new $5 prints I'm now at work on. (more on that later)
Journeys: Stops Along the Way, opening on June 11, at 6 pm.

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